Our classes



Vinyasa is our most dynamic, regular yoga class. This class combines movement and strength with moments of stillness. We start by tuning into the body and after a gentle warm up and some strengthening exercises, we start flowing. At the end of the class we slow things down with a calm finishing sequence. As with all of our classes, Vinyasa is sequenced in accordance with the time of day, the changing seasons and the mood in the room. You'll be encouraged to modify your practice throughout the class, so that the needs of your body are meet. If you have any injuries please let your teacher know when you show up for your practice.   


Vinyasa 2.0 

This 90 min. vinyasa class takes place approximately once a month. The class is sequenced for the more experienced yogi as well as the curious practitioner interested in expanding their knowledge of more advanced yoga postures and willing to play. We will be mixing familiar flows with some of the more challenging poses yoga is also known for - all with a playful approach!


Yin Flow 

If you're new to yoga or having a day where a mellow practise would suit you well, this is the perfect class for you. Yin Flow is a gentle class that combines quiet strength, simple flows, held postures and a generous dose of stillness.   


Restorative Yin 

Restorative Yin is our most calm class. In this class we use props like bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body in restful poses to give you time and space to just observe. For those of you who might feel guilty spending time in a class where all you seem to do is relax, we can assure you that a restorative practice is just as important for your health as our more dynamic classes. In this calm and focused class we take our time to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which helps keep our bodies balanced. Though you might feel that you're "not doing much", you're actually deeply supporting your organs and digestive system with your stillness. And we can almost guarantee that you'll sleep very well after the class (if not during...) 


Strenght & Stillness 

This class is a great supplement to Yin Flow and Vinyasa. It focuses on building up a solid body strength as well as finding space for stillness. It's great for both beginners and seasoned practitioners seeking the beauty of simplicity and stability in their practice.


Prana Fusion 

Prana Fusion is a 90 min. long nourishing mix of calm strengthening exercises, simple flows, myofascial release and acupressure, finished with a sprinkling of restorative poses. It's a great supplement to your other physical practices, and you don't need to have a lot of experience with yoga to join this class, but you must be open to listening to your body and it's signals, letting it guide you through this practice.    


Flow & MFR 

Text is on it's way. Please come back soon!


Manhood Yoga

Manhood Yoga is a concept class, based on donation and Seva* and for men only. We practice every Wednesday 8.45 - 9.45 AM and it's not required to have any experience with yoga or meditation practice. In general a lot show up to this class with relatively short hamstrings, limited mobility and a wish of someday being able to touch their own feet. An important thing about the class is the donation. As a partitioner you donate a minimum of 50kr per class all going to the fantastic Women's Club at the Trampoline House - a community center for refugees and asylum seekers. You don't have to sign up for the class and we have mats you can borrow for free at the studio. The only thing you have to do is to show up a bit before class. Feel free to follow the class on its own IG . The class is guided by Fie Lindholm.

*The idea of selfless service